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My Story

I was stung by the writing bee many years ago.  I began by reading Robert B. Parker, then Mickey Spillane, then John D. McDonald, Ernest Hemingway, Tony Hillerman and, more recently, Craig Allen Johnson of Longmire fame.  After taking a two week trip into the American West, I found my home.  I drove from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Glacier National Park, Montana, traveling through the beautiful and iconic scenery that was to become the majestic backdrop for my first novel, Navajo Wind, which I am proud to report will be published in the fall of 2018!


I have always been one to tell  stories.  From a young age, I have loved creating narratives and reciting what I had created in my mind to enthrall others.  Sometimes that was an incredible experience and sometimes less so, but it never dampened my need to write and create a world others could lose themselves in and enjoy and hopefully learn.

   When I first set foot in the Four Corners area of the United Sates, I fell in love with the land and knew I had to create a world of characters that would inhabit it.  My first goal for my first novel, Navajo Wind, was to gain representation; that became a reality.  My second goal was to become a published author; that goal has been realized by signing a contract with Blackstone publishing. My third goal will be moving to the southwest to immerse myself in the land and the Navajo Indians and their culture so I can gain a deeper and more spiritual connection. My wife and I have discussed this, and we will likely next year. We plan to move to Santa Fe, New Mexico.  

   To those of you who wish to follow my incredible journey, please sign up for my publishing updates so you can be sure to keep up on the latest information and pre-order autographed copies when they are availible.  I am astounded by the amount of people who have visited this website in the 3 short months it has been active, and I thank my many subscribers who have helped turn my dream into a reality!

My world

My world is inhabited by extraordinary people.  People like Arthur Nakai,  an ex-marine and retired member of the Shadow Wolves, an ICE tactical unit made up of fifteen trackers from several Native American tribes recruited by the U.S. Government to hunt human traffickers and drug smugglers on the U.S/Mexican border as part of Homeland Security.   His wife, Sharon Keonie Nakai, is a KZRV-TV field reporter and weekend news anchor battling her own demons from the loss of their only child, and Jake Bilagody, Navajo Nation police Captain of the Shiprock District dealing with being acting police chief as a result of a sudden vacancy.  Together they find themselves wading thought the swamp of racial discrimination, politics, and the constant struggles facing the Native American people today in the beautiful, but harsh landscape of the American Southwest.

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